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Steel-finned tubes

Technical data of the steel-finned tubes

On diameter 25 mm of carbon steel tubes will be bead the beaded fins.
The fins are slackly beaded on the base tube than in the direction of axial will be compressed.
After this the inner side of tube will be expanded with hydraulically pressure (cold extrusion).
This operation made metal-through connection between tube and fins.

The steel-finned tubes will be made of:
- Carbon steel tubes and fins with or without hot galvanized
- Stainless steel tubes and fins

  Outer diameter of fins: 45 mm
    Distance of fins: 4 mm
  Surface of heat transfer:
    Fin: 0,628 m2
    Tube: 0,0785 m2
  Weight: 2.8 kg/fm
  Tubes dividing: 48 mm (proposed)

The steel-finned tubes is made max. 6 m

Acélbordás cső

The steel-finned tubes useable with advantage:
- Economizers
- Radiators/calorifers with high temperature