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Heat Economizers

Technológia Engineering Ltd produces heat economizers from finned iron-cast-tubes, finned stainless steel tubes and finned carbon steel tubes with dip galvanization.

The tubes are convenient for recovering heat from high temperature corrosive and erosive smoke and exhaust gas. They also can be applicable on a temperature beyond dew point, for exhaust gas of destructor or refuse burner.

Ribbed casting tube is quadrangular and is made of parts of a length of 200 and 250 mm. After surface finishing the parts are beaded on a core tube, then the core tube undergo a 1000 bar inside hydraulic pressure load. The consequence is a cold creep which ensures a metal-through connection between core tube and cast iron.

The heat economizer made of that kind of tubes has a large outside surface because of the great number of ribs and that is the reason for good thermal and laminar conditions. They have little space demand and life expectance is very high.

Our company designs and produces heat economizers and converts ECO's made from naked tubes. Efficient and long life heat economizers are an important device for improving efficiency of boilers.